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Trading platform for
trading veterans and enterprise

2018 - 2019

Business needs

  • Ease of use for the trader
  • Ability to trade from one place on many exchanges
  • Trading automation with triggers
  • Institutional speed paired with security

What we did

For TickPredict, we have created a platform that aggregates information from crypto- currency exchanges and lets the trader to carry out transactions from one place. The project involved building a universal API for integration with any stock exchange system possible.

Platform ensures a user-friendly interface, consulted with veteran traders, that allows quickly create a financial portfolio on various exchanges. The platform has been integrated with stock exchanges such as Binance, Bitmex or Bitrex. Data integration included selected transactions with the possibility of performing additional operations based on a defined variable model.

  • Benefits

    • Two-sided integration with the exchanges
    • Multi-stage authentication
    • Fluid and easy to operate on user interface
    • Clear dashboard enabling data visualization and minimizing the time of comparing information from various sources
    • Service allocation that guarantees institutional speed

    Codahead’s team is an integral part of our development team. We are able to work seamlessly back and forth, with zero language or cultural issues. The work product is top notch in both quality and speed. They are our secret weapon, so don’t tell anyone.

    Randy Myers
    Randy Myers

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